Effective inventory management during this transition period will be critical.  Legend as well as your other suppliers will be forced to curtail the return of leaded products several months before the effective date of January 4, 2014.  Please begin to develop your no lead strategy now. Compliance to this change will be enforced by the laws and formal procedures already in place by the SDWA, which include administrative orders up to judicial actions including civil and criminal court cases.

Legend Downstream Thinking can help you today. Legend Performance and Service Guarantees can be utilized now to assist you with lowering your inventory of the affected valves and fittings.  

  • 100% Line Item Fill Rate (or 5% off backorders)
  • 100% Line Item Order Accuracy (or 5% off the error)
  • 100% 24 Hour Order Processing and Shipment (or 5% off the order)
  • No Minimum Order
  • Low Full Freight Requirement: $1,200 combined valves and fittings and $2,000 for cast iron valves.

Today, buy what you need, when you need it, while still servicing your customers and driving down your overall inventory of valves and fittings that you will have to convert to no lead products.

Understanding the Law

The Federal Law is effective January 4, 2014. At that time, any component of a potable piping system must comply to the new no lead standard. The Federal Law is redefining the determination of low lead to no lead in the Safe Drinking Water Act.

As the law is written, any valve or fitting used in a potable plumbing system must be made of material in compliance to the new definition of no lead or lead free. Any valve and fitting made from brass or bronze alloys are affected by this new law. 

Products made from other alloys and thermoplastics are inherently lead-free in that they do not contain lead. PVC and CPVC plastic valves and fittings are compliant. Stainless Steel valves and fittings are also compliant. A complete listing of these products is available under Identification in the above heading.

Brass and bronze valves and fittings that do not comply can be used in applications for manufacturing, industrial processing, outdoor watering or any other uses where the water is not anticipated to be used for human consumption.  Otherwise, they will become obsolete in regards to potable water systems.  Please see a copy of the Federal Law under Reference Resources.

Every distributor must be very concerned about their inventory of brass and bronze alloy valves and fittings intended for potable water systems.  Consider establishing a no lead conversion time line to ensure that you can eliminate the potential of being burdened with obsolete inventory.

A Legend representative can assist you with identifying those products affected, identify substitutes and establish a plan with a timeline to properly plan for the January 2014 law. Call Legend at 1-800-752-2082.

Reference Resources